Watch this space for news on my future Feature Films from 2018 onwards.

At script stage a F/Film :BASED IN BALLARAT” by Bronny Lane . A comedy based around an aspiring Actress /Director ( Cassandra) who aspires to leave her country town and pursue her career… this is not to be , with an actress Mother “ Audra “ ( played by myself ) living on her past glories in the London, and constantly criticising Cassandra, then throw in a series of family and obstacles at every turn for aspiring star “Cassandra “. So funny, ,I laughed at Bronny’s clever and funny script .

A new series ALL OF ME TV SERIES . A look at how we all have our Inner voices talking to us with conflicting advice .The Child , The Procrastinator , The Critic , The Motivator etc , all played by actors . My role of THE BOSS to Ally Aurora lead character of “ Aurora” … Filming from May 2019.

New role of “Bronwyn Young “ in comedy series OZ LINKED by Ana Isabel. A wonderful comedy in which we take a poke at our Aussie selves , in all our diversity .. Filming from June 2019.

I have won 4 awards for film, "WE NEED TO TALK." 2017 -------------------------------------------------------------------------               BEST ACTRESS PLATINUM at" L.A Shorts 2017."....# BEST ACTOR FEMALE at "European Independent Film Awards ( Annual ) 2017" .... # AWARD RECOGNITION , SUPPORT ACTRESS, " Best Shorts L.A. "2017..... #AWARD RECOGNITION, SUPPORT ACTRESS ," Accolade Competition L.A." 2017

New role of "Mira " in Laurent Boulanger F/Film DAY OF GLORY. Playing role of a tough street prostitute who finds reason to find kindness within herself. Laurent is a highly accomplished Writer, Director , With 23 novels to his name and numerous awards won for film and screenplays . I have had the pleasure of working with Laurent previously on his film THE NOVELIST. We will film 2019.

Just completed ( Nov 2018) filming of my new role of 80 year old Milly ( amazing make up and prosthetics ), as co -lead in S/Film "MEOW BOW WOW". With Stephen Murphy playing co -lead in  the role of my dog ! Stephen is  an accomplished and talented actor based in Aust and the USA. Written and Directed by Bronny Lane, with ACS Accredited DOP Jonathon Rosssiter filming this comedy. This film is guaranteed to surprise and delight you. Filming Sept 2018.

Latest F/film role is in International film SLAM. Filmed in Sydney Nov/Dec 2017 ( now in post production ), this multi million dollar film has an International and Australian cast, and is being Director by French film Director Partho Sen- Gupta. The story of a young Aust Muslim who's peaceful life turns into hell when his Sister disappears without a trace. My role is Magaret Mcleary, Mother In - Law to the lead character, "Ricky ", played by Adam Bakri from N.Y.

Filming 2019. New F/Film called THE IMBALANCE. Comedy story of two actresses living together, experiencing the inside story of being in the acting business. Written as a female comedy in the style of "Thelma and Louise" &" Grace & Frankie ", showing the friendship of women and their daily grind trying to get acting roles. whilst searching for that perfect relationship .! Currently at script stage. 

In  2019 filming role of Government Minister Vicky Connors, in Sci Fiction Pilot , "SENTIENT" .Produced by Global Presence Entertainment Sydney.

 In 2019 I will commence filming the Pilot for "WITCHES" . A tale of the "Blac" family of Witches who are called together to fight evil , and to use their powers to combat evil on a Global level. I play "Aunt Eleanor " an extremely powerful witch .Aunt Eleanor is accustomed to to living the good and luxurious life, but this will be put aside to save her family. Enormous public following for this Pilot and hopefully a series. 

Date of filming not confirmed (2019) for "SPEED DATING" for the T.V, lead "Mirielle" A story of strangers looking for love, sex but someone is a murderer? Terrific cast of diverse characters . Director Paul Ransom.

Role in Feature Film "HEART OF FURY " 2018. Based on the last days in Lord Byron”s life, set in 1824, filming 2018/2019. Role of Catherine Gordon , Byron's Mother. Directed by Derek Erskine.

- Filmed Pilot of "POWER AND PROPHET "in May 2017 , a political thriller in Dan Brown style, playing the lead role of... "Minister For Foreign Affairs " - "Jenna Lowy".Directed by Nicholas Buffalo, produced by Presence Films, Sydney. Aiming for distribution through Networks....Fantastic script.!...

More posts to come...............


In post production feature film "APERTURE ", a story of what could be any family ,  a look into their lives , loves , relationships, and struggles. Filmed in September 2017,  produced by Emerald Swan Productions. Role of Robyn Stevens the Matriach of the family

 Role of Magistrate" Charlotte Nichols" in Feature Film -"TRACY".Filmed January 2017. Thrilled to be part of this production . Written by Naomi Lisner and directed by Derek Erskine. Big things in store for this film . 

Filmed in( February / March 2017 ) role of "THE GOVERNOR'S WIFE" , in PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK , by FREEMANTLE MEDIA , for release by Foxtel/ Amazon in 2017.

- Filming completed for  F/Film "SOMEWHERE OVER THAT RAINBOW" as  "Claire ". Loving Mother. Wonderful script by Rhiannon Jade dealing with young Gay and Lesbian teenagers , their parents , friends and the difficulties and anguish they face in coming out. Filmed May 2016

- In October 2016 completed playing role of Psychiatrist in F/F - " COLOURBLIND", a story of a reluctant Private investigatror hired to track the tail of a suspected suicidal girl. My role of Psychiatrist, playing opposite the talented Writer/Director/Actor- Nathan Hill. Should be fun - Lots of Improvisation.. Love that !

In October 2016 completed role as a Spiritualist in the S/F KNOCK KNOCK.. Produced by Red Rock Pictures and Directed by Gary O'Toole .This is a a spooky tale , things are not what they seem ???